The Ovahimba Years – Les années Ovahimba / Rina Sherman
A Research Study in Namibia and Angola in Text, Film, Photography
Une étude de recherche en Namibie et Angola ; texte, film, photographie
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Acknowledgements – Remerciements

To the Ovahimba community who welcomed me into their lives, shared their ways with me and accepted the uninvited guest I was in their midst.
To the Tjambiru of Etanga who adopted me as a member of the family.
To the men and women of the Kunene Region who provided me with their rarest resource of all, water, during the seven years of my stay.
To those men who stopped to change the flat tyres of my 4x4 when I was stuck along the deserted roadsides of the Kunene Region.
With my gratitude to those friends and acquaintances who are not already mentioned as sponsors of The Ovahimba Years project or in other capacities, but who where always there quietly to provide help, advice, a bed or a cup of coffee behind the scenes.

Jean Arlaud
H. E. Frédéric Baleine du Laurens, Ambassadeur de France
Louise and Steve Brain, Hobatere Lodge
Philippe Ciaparra
Madryn Coburn
Chris Eyre (Omatwi)
H. E. Wilfried Inotira Emvula, Ambassador fo Namibia
Anne Grange
Lente Hamel
Dr. Jekura Kavari
Christine Louveau de la Guigneraye
Caroline Mahe
Nathalie Mahiet
Margie Orford
Chimwemwe Petit
Struppie Reinhardt
Amy Schoeman
Gerd Schonecke
Sonya (Cuvelai - Etanga)
Jaap Smit
Marianne Sterrenberg
Joanna Wustrow
Alexander Zacharias

List not exhaustive (A list of this nature can never be, alas!)

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